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How are tie breakers calculated?

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018 02:07PM EST
Summary of how tie breakers are calculated, for pickem pools:

Basically, the system keeps track of how close each person got, each week (or stage).  It then sums up each person's weekly difference, to get the season long difference.  The person with the lowest season long difference, wins the tie breaker.

Details of Weekly Tie Breakers are calculated as follows:

If multiple players are tied for the highest points for any given week, the player with the closest tie breaker prediction, regardless if they are over or under, to the actual tie breaker value is the winner. If multiple players are still tied, then the player who entered their tie breaker value first*, wins.

* = The player with the earliest date/timestamp for enterring their picks.

Please note that the date/timestamp is updated every time a player's picks and/or tie breaker are edited.

The season-long tie breaker, for "pickem-style" pools is the sum of all the tie breaker differences for each week. The goal is to have the smallest "difference,".. ie. the closest "difference" to zero, will win the season long tie breaker. Should multiple players be tied at the end of a season, then the player with the smallest total difference will be the winner.

Ex. for a 3 week season:
Player A and Player B are tied after the entire season.  But, in the scenario below, Player B wins, because B has a smaller tie breaker difference than A.

Week 1:
Actual Tie Breaker Value: 30
Player A predicts 28:  30 - 28 = a difference of 2
Player B predicts 26:  30 - 26 = a difference of 4

Week 2:
Actual Tie Breaker Value: 21
Player A predicts 28:  28 - 21 = a difference of 7
Player B predicts 26:  26 - 21 = a difference of 5

Week 3:
Actual Tie Breaker Value: 45
Player A predicts 49:  49 - 45 = a difference of 4
Player B predicts 45:  45 - 45 = a difference of 0

Total Tie Breaker Difference calculation:
Player A:  2 + 7 + 4 = 13
Player B: 4 + 5 + 0 = 9

Player B wins the tie breaker

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